We all love candles! We find ourselves lighting candles when the seasons are changing, or during romantic moments with the loved ones, family diners,  or to add some cosy feeling to our apartments, or during long relaxing bath....the list is endless...  I think we can all agree that with scented candles we can mainly associate the happiest  moments of our life.  But are all scented candles equal? The answer is NO. With the continued emphasis on health and environmentally friendly things we bring into our home scented candles without realizing that some of them  are better for you and your family then others. You should always look for candles that are made from natural waxes such as soy or most luxuries of all waxes bees wax. Always avoid candles made with paraffin wax because they produce soot that is unhealthy.  Look for candle that burn clean with low smoke or soot. All candles will produce smoke or soot even if the manufacture’s claims otherwise.  What you want is scented candle with lowest amount of black smoke.  Look for candles with a cotton, hemp or approved metal core wick. Lead wicks are hazardous to your health and are no longer made in the United States but still imported from other countries with little more than a small print warning on the bottom.



We all know a lot of people swear by the candles that comes in the country-looking jars or metal tins, but maybe we should keep those jars for raspberry jams or pickles.  No matter  how wonderful scented candle smells, huge jar that looks like you pulled it our form under your grandmothers sink will never add a luxury feel to our apartment.  As a luxury candles producer I believe that what we are bringing to our homes need to be attractive, the packaging of the candle should add experience or at least be neutral in the rooms décor. Since candles are commonly given as gifts its also very important that they are wraped properly. The packaging doesn’t have to be fancy to be attractive. A simple classic box with a ribbon will be perfect for any occasion.



 Who likes to get a scented candle that emits little or no fragrance! But what actually produces the fragrance from a scented candle.  According to the NCA- National Candle Association


“ a well  made candle produces water vapor and carbon dioxide when properly burned: the only difference with a scented candle is that a small amount of fragrance is also released. Reputable candle manufactured use only fragrances approved for candle use!”


Amberesea candles are made from  secret natural wax mixture which is free from genetically modified materials or pesticides.  All ingredients are certified.  Our wax does not contain harmful toxins that affect humans and their environment.

Our glass containers are hand made exclusively for AMBERSEA STUDIO by the best craftsmen in Europe.

Our selection of  certified, sophisticated oils comes from England and France and Indonesia

Positivity plays an important role in my life, so I decided that I will share with you what energies me. I found it very therapeutic to relax after a very long day of work next to the burning candle. I usually seat with the good book, fashion magazine , my phone a nice cup of tea, and from time to time watch the flame of burning candle and enjoy the beautiful scent. Because I enjoy this simple pleasure that much I have decided few years ago that I will create my own brand of candles and I did. I thought that I can spread this positive energy on others so they can experience the same feeling of relaxation and tranquility as I do. Ambersea candles are inspired by the glorious Baltic Sea where i grew up and are completely natural which is even more satisfying. I am so thankful to the Universe each day that I can live my passion , and to the all people who have  supported me. Being a founder of AMBERSEA STUDIO brings a lot of strength and smile to my life. I love what I do! During my journey I have discovered that none of us can live fulfilled life without passion, love or peace of mind. So I wish to share with you to always take a good care of yourself first, and remember: “ Serenity is the biggest investment you can give to yourself” the rest will come naturally once you will allow it. 
"'Every AMBERSEA CANDLE is a part of me, my life and what is the most precious to me. I never compromise on quality and try to create only the best. I am inviting you to my world filled with beautiful scents, handcrafted with passion and dedication, and most importantly belief in the future'' 
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